If the design and implementation of a company-wide program is needed to meet today's demand for business integrity, we have your solution. Our credentialed compliance consultant will help you establish a seven-step program ensuring HIPAA and OIG corporate compliance. Our plans integrate OIG's “essential elements” for effective programs.

Identify targets for education and training

  • Administrators.
  • Physicians.
  • Directors.
  • Hospital staff.

Compliance with rules and regulations

  • Ensure HIPAA & OIG corporate compliance.
  • Medicare and Medicaid rules.
  • Stark rules.
  • JCAHO policies.
  • OSHA & other rules and regulations.

Assist in the design and implementation of a Compliance Program

  • Meet today's needs for business integrity.
  • Establish a seven-step program set forth by the OIG.
  • Provide essential elements for an effective compliance program.
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