What makes our company different from the rest?
Most consulting firms implementing a Clinical Documentation Improvement Program (CDIP) only train nursing personnel to perform a concurrent medical record review process along with recommending an increase in staffing. These firms charge from $300,000 to over a million dollars, and insist that nurses learn from scratch -- what coders are already credentialed to do, which is more cost effective.  We promote coders working with nurses.

Why is our process different? Our one-of-a kind program emphasizes on utilizing the talents of credentialed coders and/or nursing personnel to perform the concurrent medical record review process, following AHIMA and CMS guidelines for the physician query process. We can still educate nurses and have been successful in doing so, but the training time takes longer.  We believe that communication between the coder, nurses and physician is the key to correcting documentation deficiencies.  There is also a trend now where HIM will have coders code the cases concurrently following their reviews.  It is important to have a UR nurse assist with the non compliant physicians.  There must also be a physician champion on board to ensure the programs success.

Our copyrighted process.
We pioneered our own process. The process was so effective and innovated that we were granted a copyright.  Our '2011 DRG Workbook' is included in the education and training part of our program as well as our access file used for tracking and measuring data with reporting capabilities.

Our system generates accurate documentation, which results in appropriate reimbursement. By documenting appropriately, doctors can not only increase the LOS for their patients, they also paint a picture of the patient's encounter that improves quality of care and the severity level for the hospital. This physicians report card data is submitted to the state, which is published in the newspapers for all their patients to see.   This also can assist with less denials from RAC. 



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