We can assist your organization in the design and implementation of a broad-based corporate compliance program, or utilize other methods of education such as workshops, seminars, and/or one-on-one education and training, to accommodate your facility's needs.

Advantages of compliance education and training for physicians

  • Ensure HIPAA and OIG corporate compliance.
  • Ensure compliance with rules, payment policies, coding rules, and guidelines.
  • Enhance medical record documentation.
  • Improve the educational process.
  • Decrease in denials of claims.
  • Better communication and more comprehensive policies to streamline operations.
  • Avoid potential liability from noncompliance
  • Reduced exposure to penalties.

Physicians are educated in the following compliance program elements, as set forth by the OIG:

The Seven Basic Compliance Elements:

  1. Written Policies and Procedures
    1. Code of Conduct.
    2. Policies and Procedures.
    3. Specific Risk Areas.
      • Coding and Billing.
      • Reasonable and Necessary Services.
      • Documentation.
        1. Medical Record Documentation.
        2. HCFA 1500 Form.
      • Kickbacks, Inducements and Self-Referrals.
    4. Retention of Records.
  2. Designation Of A Compliance Officer.
  3. Conducting Effective Education and Training.
    • Compliance Education and Training.
    • Coding and Billing Education and Training.
    • Format of the Educational and Training Program .
    • Continuing Education on Compliance Issues.
  4. Developing Effective Lines of Communication.
  5. Auditing and Monitoring.
    • Policies and Procedures..
    • Claims Submission Audit.
  6. Enforcing Standards Through Well-Publicized Disciplinary Guidelines.
  7. Responding To Detected Offenses And Developing Corrective Action Initiatives.

For more detailed information on the guidelines that are educated to the physicians, see the "Draft Compliance Program Guidance For Individual And Small Group Physician Practices."

This can be found on the OIG web site as public information.

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